Who organises it?

The conference is organised by HazteOir.org, from the Group CitizenGO.  

HazteOir.org is a civil association legalised by the Ministry of Interior and declared of public usefulness by the Spanish Government. Its mission it to promote citizen participation and promoting values such as the right to life, family and freedoms.

Over the past year, this association has made an informative campaign criticising the introduction of mandatory gender ideology theories in Spanish schools, addressed to every educative centre and student. For this reason, HazteOir.org has sought to organise the I International Conferencee on Sex, Gender and Education.

CitizenGO is an international platform that defends life, family and freedoms. It has almost nine million members, influencing in fifty countries stretching over every continent and manages campaigns in twelve languages.


Who can come?

There is no special condition or requirement. Anyone can attend to the congress by registering on this link.

The gathering, because of the theme and level of the speakers, is designed for adults. The presentations will have scientific rigour but an informative nature.


In what language will the Conference be?

The speeches at the I International Conference on Sex, Gender and Education will be in Spanish and English. There will be a simultaneous translation system.


What does the registration cover?

The registration covers the attendance to the conference, translation services, informative folder and the ‘coffee break’. The price does not include the meal, which will be on account of the attendees.


Can I obtain university credits?

No. The conference has no arrangement with any university.


Can I get in touch with the speakers?

After their speech, the speakers will answer questions from the attendees during a time scheduled for that purpose..