Madrid, February 23, 2018

The so-called “gender perspective” was first introduced on the international agenda to guarantee equality of opportunity and equality of rights between men and women. Today, it has become an authentic “gender ideology”, with objectives that are dangerous for democracy. Gender ideology has been used violently, and it has turned what could be just into a lie. 

Experts and scientists from different fields (medical, legal, social, and political), representatives of non-governmental organizations from around the world, and people with same-sex attractions gathered in Madrid to discuss the strategies and consequences of the gender ideology movement. Conference attendees have reached the following conclusions, that we want to share with the public and the media:

  1. There is still a lot of work to be done in the quest for full respect for all individuals, in the education system and in society in general. It is still necessary to educate, and in certain cases to legislate, to avoid violence against children and adults due to cultural differences, sex, physical differences -such as obesity or disability-, or instances of gender dysphoria or same-sex attractions.


  1. In our society, there are people that suffer. These people should be taken care of and protected from acts of violence, but we also believe that there is more than one approach to help them. For example: in cases of gender dysphoria in children, some people advocate for stopping their puberty and prescribing them hormones of the opposite sex for the rest of their lives. However, many prestigious scientists and medical studies have shown that this approach is harmful. Other solutions need to be explored, and the issues must be studied in more depth. The parents of these minors, and others who are close to them, also suffer and hope for the best solution for their sons and daughters. These children should not be used as “human weapons” in an ideological battle.


  1. In the name of freedom, freedom is being eliminated. Gender ideology advocates are violating fundamental rights and freedoms under the guise of promoting equality and respect for diversity:


    1. Anyone who does not agree with the postulates of the gender ideology movement is censured, harshly punished, defamed, and stigmatised as “homophobic”, “transphobic”, and other dismissive insults. Freedom of opinion and scientific debate are censored. Many homosexuals and transsexuals have been, and still are, victims of the gender ideology movement. Even the media surrenders to LGBTI groups because they are afraid of the economic consequences that may come with expressing disapproval for the gender ideology lobby.
    2. Laws euphemistically adjudged to be “against discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation, identity, or the expression of gender and sexual characteristics”, are, in reality, attempts to establish monolithic thinking on issues where freedom of opinion and debate should prevail. In Spain, an example is the LGBTI law promoted by the political Left party Podemos. The law aims to apply economic fines, prison sentences, and other punishments for the crime of not being in agreement with the gender ideology movement’s approach to treating children with gender dysphoria. Some of these treatments are considered ‘child abuse’ now, even in countries that have been using them for a long time. These laws also propose mandatory indoctrination of minors on concepts such as sexual diversity, family diversity, and gender dysphoria. They want to enshrine the possibility of one being able to choose one’s gender, without difficulty, even to children between the ages of 5 and 8. This pseudo-scientific indoctrination is contrary to the right of parents to educate their children according to their own values. These values are not discriminatory nor violent, they are just different from what gender ideology advocates want.


  1. The I International Conference on Gender, Sex, and Education has declared the truth on complex topics related to the pain and experiences of real people.

We are sure that the truth will help to alleviate suffering. We want to defend the right of children to not be manipulated and indoctrinated by gender ideology. We want to defend the right of parents to educate their children in freedom. And we want to defend the right and responsibility of scientists to work and share their research without constraint from “gag laws”. These scientists are doing their job and searching for the truth. Gender ideology is not the way to tackle gender dysphoria and other issues related to human sexuality. Under the guise of solving a problem, gender ideology advocates seek to impose a vision with ideological roots.


  1. We publicly condemn the strategy of the gender ideology lobby, which includes deceit and coercion. It is even more concerning when this agenda is enshrined in laws that institutionalize the persecution and restriction of free speech, that prohibit some health professionals from speaking their mind or treating their patients, and the imposition of a incorrect vision of sexuality in schools. Even worse, legislation is being considered that would persecute parents who refuse to go along with gender ideology. In the face of these threats, the I International Conference on Gender, Sex, and Education maintains hope in the strength of the truth, science, democracy, and freedom of speech.


  1. Finally, we appeal to civil society and urge both organizations and individuals to actively defend people who are censored by the gender ideology movement. Everyone can be a guardian of freedom of speech through the tools available in a healthy democracy. This is a necessary component of ensuring that the tyrannical features of gender ideology do not prosper. Ultimately, it is necessary to demand respect for those who suffer and guarantee freedom for those who can help them.