09:00 am – Inauguration Mr. Ignacio Arsuaga. (Presenter: Rosana Ribera)

09:15 am – The Bending and Twisting of Sex and Gender. And the Erasure of Women? Ms. Miriam Ben-Shalom. (Presenter: Alfonso Basallo)

10:15 am – ‘Gender ideology, new right, new left’ Mr. Agustín Laje. (Presenter: Luis Losada)

11:00 am – Coffee break (30 minutes)

11.45 am – Marriage, family, gender ideology and LGTBI agenda in UN and other international organizations. Mr. Rubén Navarro. (Presenter: Alfonso Basallo)

12:45 pm – Respect for Sex Differences and a Culture of Kindness. Mrs. Michelle Cretella. (Presenter: Gádor Joya)

01:45 pm – Lunch2 (1 hour and a half)

02:15 pm – ‘Loving my LGTB neighbor. Victims of fake science’. Mr. Glenn Stanton. (Presenter: Ignacio Arsuaga)

04:10 pm – ‘Growing Pains. Problems with puberty Suppression in treating gender dysphoria’. Mr. Paul Hruz. (Presenter: Gádor Joya)

05:15 pm – ‘Sex education: The sexual revolution grabs our children’. Mrs. Gabriele Kuby. (Presenter: Ignacio Arsuaga)

06:15 pm – Transgender personal testimony. Mr. Walt Heyer. (Interviewer: Luis Losada)

07:15 pm – ‘Madrid Declaration for Understanding, Respect and Freedom’.

07:20 pm – Closing of the First International Conference on Gender, Sex and Education.